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Club Name

Club Purpose

Meeting Day/Room

Beyond Differences

Empowering students to end social isolation

Every other Thursday, C-4


Competing in county wide competitions, learning about fun math topics

Tuesday, E-3

Creek Club

Keep Miller Creek and its Stewards Healthy

Every other Friday and once a month for work, M-2

Queer Straight Alliance

Support LGBTQ students and their families.  

Wednesday, A-2

Drama Club

Promote performing arts at MCMS for people unable to do drama class or after school program

Every other Thursday, A-3

French Club

To expand the learning of the French language and culture beyond the classroom.

Wednesday, D-4


Provide opportunities for 8th grade students to volunteer and do community service!

Monday, C-1

Mountain Bike Club

Promotes mountain biking using safe riding techniques, tips on bike maintenance and awareness of the impact on our environment. Rides take place on weekends. Parent waiver required.

Wednesday, C-8

Strategic Games Club

Students learn and play together is a safe, sheltered environment, make new friends, learn new games including chess, mahjong, scrabble, jenga, backgammon, Uno, and many non-video games.

Wednesday, B-5

Honor Society

Campus Leadership (school ambassadors)

Every other Thursday, D-7

Z- Dance Club

To get students moving and grooving. In addition, to increase community, self-confidence and build friendships.

2nd and 3rd Friday’s of each month, Gym

Jazz Combo

Play/Perform jazz music, small group

Tuesday after school, M-5

Jazz Lab Band

Play jazz music after school

Thursday after school

Jazz Band

Play/perform jazz music, large group

Monday after school, A-5

Art Club

Create craft projects while making new friends

Tuesday, A-6

Tech Club

Engage students in tech projects who aren't already in a technology elective.

Tuesday, B-2

Makers Club

Students apply creativity and engineering practices to make crafts, electronics and robotics projects

Thursday, M-1

Lunch Crew

Making Friends, social skills

Tuesday & Friday, A1B

Dr. Who Club

Fanatics of the TV show.  We will look at character development and plot.

Monday, M-4

Mythical Creature Club

Design and researching these mysterious beasts

Monday, E-11

Garden Club

Harvest, plant and cook!

Wednesday, MC Garden

Magic the Gathering Club

Gather and play this engaging card game.  

Monday & Friday, C-4

Tennis Club

For student tennis players to play and practice their tennis skills. Parent waiver required.

Every other Monday, meet M-5 then head to Marinwood courts.

Broadcast Club

Help MC share live events

Monday, B-2


A middle school orientation and transition program that welcomes new students to our school.

Various events throughout the year

Student Council

Student government (elected)

Wednesday 6th period, C-6

DJ Club

Provide music and entertainment to various school sponsored events and assemblies

Various events throughout the year