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Math Pathways

Student Placement in Mathematics Courses

Math Pathways

Miller Creek has designed a mathematics program that aligns with California’s State Standards for Mathematics, the Mathematics Framework for California Public Schools, and implements a curriculum that meets the demand of both the content and practice standards.

The Miller Creek Mathematics Pathways are as follows:

Math Pathways

* Pathway A is the expected grade level course for all students

All 6th graders take CC Math 6, and in 7th grade all students take CC Math 7. In grade 8, students are in one of two possible courses, CC Math 8 or Algebra 1.

*All 7th graders will be placed in CC Math 7, the grade level course. Students may opt to engage concurrently in CC Math 8 through an online course during their 7th grade year.

Upon successful completion of the requirements for both CC Math 7 and the CC Math 8 online course, students may be placed in CC Algebra 1 (Pathway B) in 8th grade.


The Student Placement Team considers multiple measures when recommending placing students. The team will consider the following placement criteria: 

  • Grade Level Common Assessments (first attempt -- ongoing throughout the year)

  • Math Placement Assessments, such as MDTP (spring)

  • CAASPP/STAR Scores (previous year included)

  • Completion of Apex Learning CC Math 8 Course

All students will be placed according to multiple measures, including finishing the APEX course and multiple assessments to demonstrate their preparedness for algebra.

Appropriate student math placement is one of the most critical tasks for the Student Placement Team. A strong foundation in middle school mathematics is essential to students’ continued interest and engagement in mathematics. All courses are designed to be rigorous, cohesive, and develop conceptual understanding and problem solving. When learning mathematics, rigor is depth of understanding, not acceleration and the ‘covering’ of material. A student may earn an “A” in their current course and still not demonstrate readiness for the demands of CC Algebra 1 in 8th grade.

Explanation of 7th grade Pathway 

The decision to enroll all students in CC Math 7 during their 7th grade year was made with great care and consideration. Many factors were weighed including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Heterogeneous student groupings (all 7th graders take CC Math 7)

  • Opportunity to develop strong foundational math skills in CC Math 7 for all students

  • Alignment with new CA Mathematics Framework

  • Placement shifts during the 2020-2021 school year due to pandemic

  • Social-emotional health and well being of students

7th Grade students and families interested in concurrent enrollment in CC Math 7 and the CC Math 8 online pathway should consider that this pathway option will have minimal teacher involvement and is designed to be an independent course. Students who enroll in the program should have demonstrated a solid foundational understanding of key concepts in CC Math 6, through trimester benchmark assessments, unit exams, and the MDTP readiness test. Students will be enrolled in the CC Math 8 online program by mid-September of their 7th grade year. 

Explanation of 8th grade Pathway

The CC Math 8 online program will be accomplished through a virtual learning platform, Apex Learning. Apex Learning is a standards aligned, comprehensive independent study course which will be monitored by a Miller Creek math teacher. Trimester Benchmark assessments will be used to monitor progress, and in May of their 7th grade year students will take an algebra readiness assessment. 

Students who engage in the Apex Learning Math 8 pathway can receive content support from their Math 7 Miller Creek teacher during their math flex time. A Miller Creek math teacher will provide weekly office hours, coordination of assessments, tutorials, management of the Apex Learning Platform and updates through Google Classroom.

MCMS response for Recently Asked Questions regarding the 2021-22 Math Pathways, please see this attachment as of 6-16-2021.