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Panther Press | June 7, 2020 | Issue 38
Posted 6/6/20

Tenisha Tate-Austin, Principal

Derek Lecy, Assistant Principal

June 8

Make-up day for scheduled campus book return and locker cleanout

June 10       

Graduation Ceremony posted to the Miller Creek YouTube Channel 

June 11

Last day of school

August 20 First Day of School


Stronger Together 

This week members of our community took action and stood in solidarity for justice by organizing a peaceful protest on Wednesday night. In that moment the community’s collective voice made the statement that our community does and will not condone hate, racism, or bigotry. As a district and school we remain committed to being at the forefront of teaching students how to dismantle institutional racism in this country. We know that we have more work to do in this area. This week your students participated in an activity asking them to examine the recent events and the historical context that has led to the unrest across the world at this time (see Counselor's Corner below). I am heartened by the thoughtful responses your children produced. I am also hopeful that this generation will be the change that we desperately need in our country and in our world. In the words of Tupac Shakur, “I'm not saying I'm gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world." If we all commit to this, I trust that we will succeed. #Stronger Together

Congratulations Panthers


Dear Class of 2020,


We want to acknowledge the loss that you may be experiencing due to the non traditional way in which we get to say goodbye to you. Probably even more important, how you get to say goodbye to each other this year. This past week marked the time when you would have signed yearbooks, ventured out to McNears Beach for Beach Day and Friday night would have been spent sharing laughs and memories with friends at the 8th grade dance. I know many of you have longed to participate in these Miller Creek traditions since 6th grade. You may feel sad because you did not get the same opportunities as so many before you have. Although these experiences were not afforded to you this year, your staff at Miller Creek loves you just the same. There will come the opportunity when you get to spend quality time with friends again. I hope this SIP experience has taught us to cherish those moments because they aren't guaranteed - don't take anything for granted. It is also my wish that this happens soon because your parents are tired of you moping around the house. In all seriousness, we love you, we will miss you and we wish you all the best Class of 2020. We are so proud of you!



Ms. Tate, Mr. Lecy and the MCMS Staff


Graduation 2020

We will be releasing our video graduation on our MCMS Productions Youtube channel at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, June 10th; after which, it will be available to view at your convenience. A link will be emailed to all families on 6/10/20 at 6:00pm. Congratulations to the class of 2020!

MCMS Yearbooks

Yearbook Distribution Update: Yearbooks will not be available until mid-July at the earliest due to effects from COVID-19 on the printing process. We apologize for this delay and will communicate with the entire Miller Creek community when we determine how to best proceed with yearbook distribution in a safe and healthy manner. We appreciate your understanding.

For those with any questions about yearbooks, please email Mr. Case at

What Will School Look Like in Fall 2020

The First Day of School continues to be 8/20/20. Our Reopening Think Teams continue to work on three scenarios for the fall. The three scenarios are:

  • Remote Learning 

  • Alternating Days- Schools would run A/B schedules, where some students come on A days and others on B days. Those not at school would be doing remote learning at home.

  • Block Schedule - Students would take fewer classes at a time that are a semester in length, covering a full year’s worth of the curriculum. 

I realize that you are entering into summer without a clear picture of the structure for school in the fall. Unfortunately with conditions and constraints changing often, this is our reality. Be assured that once I am able to present a firm schedule to the community I will. To inform our planning, we continue to take guidance from county health officials along with feedback from parent surveys. Thanks for continuing to provide input via the surveys. 

Our next steps include:

  • Engaging parents in a focus group to receive feedback about the three scenarios we have created thus far. 

  • Admin will incorporate parent feedback from the focus groups into the scenarios.

  • The ReOpening Think Team will meet again several times this summer to refine the plan for the fall.

  • Admin will communicate out to families a solidified structure scenario for the fall. 

  • Students will receive their schedules in August. 

Families and teachers have been engaging in essential conversations with their children about race, racism and current events this week. We see this as an opportunity to talk with our children about the oppressive systems that exist in this nation, for they must be part of the change that our country so desperately needs.  As parents we have the opportunity to find the teaching moments to engage our children in these important conversations. For example, we can begin conversations about a family movie nights, books, and watching the news.  We know that finding the balance between sharing honest information, and also providing examples of hope and action steps, can help motivate our children to be allies and leaders.  


Here are some additional resources to support this important work:

Talking with your child about race, racism and current events

SLJ: Anti-racist Resources and Reads: Lists for All Ages

Anti-racist books for adults and kids

Miller Creek Middle School continues our partnership with ADL to teach our youth about how to speak up against racism, bias, and stereotypes. This week, our core teachers also engaged students in a dialogue about activism and finding their own social justice voice in a lesson around Barack Obama’s statement. These conversations need to continue. For the people of color in our Miller Creek community, please know that we stand with you.


This week is our final raffle for the Student Wellness Challenge.  We have 3 winners! Congratulations to Talia Brady, Kate Metzger and Lorena Salvador. They will be able to select a prize for practicing self-care!  Thank you for participating this year.  


As the school year is coming to a close, we wanted to provide families resources in Marin for mental health support. Here is a list of resources in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. In the next week, please reach out to Cheryl Jacobs and Ashley Marty if you or your family would like support or referrals for the summer.  The counselors last day to schedule appointments with students this school year is June 11th. 

Regular Meeting of the Board of Education

June 9, 2020


Details can be found on the district website, including agenda, directions to access the meeting, and information on opportunities to make public comment. Items on this meeting’s agenda include celebration of district retirees, important budget updates, and personnel action. 

MCMS Home & School Club Needs You! 

Dear fabulous parents,

MCMS has a very strong and fun HSC Board that will be headed by the wonderful Jen Belair next year, and we have some important roles to fill. Most importantly, we need a TREASURER asap.  Meetings will be held the third Friday of the month from 8:30am-9:45am. If you are interested, please contact for more information. Thank you!!- Mary Rosenthal, current MCMS HSC President


1.     Treasurer (description upon request)

2.     6th Grade Rep (shared role - still need one from Vallecito)

3.     Spring Fundraiser co-chairs (still need 1 of 3)

4.     Garden Club Leader

5.     Staff Appreciation Lunch Coordinator

Bike Week was a Success

Over 500 middle school students participated county wide, 195 of them were from Miller Creek. A huge thanks to our PE department for encouraging students to participate in this challenge. Go Panther!


Students spent 5 days in May doing bike-related activities. They checked their bikes and helmets for safety, watched videos to learn about the rules of the road, and best of all, they got on their bikes to practice their route to school.


Safe Routes to School asked students how they felt about the contest. Eighty-six percent said biking helped them stay physically and mentally healthy. Most of them said they LOVED every minute!


Three students countywide won raffle prizes and will receive $50 gift cards to Patagonia, Proof Lab or Sports Basement. We pleased to announce that our school had a winner! Please join us in congratulating Jessa Dunn on the win. We would also like to acknowledge all the students who participated.


Safe Routes to School plans to create another week’s worth of bike-related activities for the summer and will post them on their website. Please check out their website for more details. 


  • June 8th is Best Friends Day.

  • The popsicle was invented in 1905 by an 11-year-old boy.

  • In South Korea, you are one year old at birth.

  • The U.S. is the largest country named after a real person- Amerigo Vespucci.

  • The Library of Congress has over 600 miles of shelves.